Carolina Rodriguez's (ESP) AA ribbon routine

 Magdalena Markoska's (POL) AA ball routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) AA hoop routine

 Lola Yeros' (KAZ) AA ball routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) AA hoop routine

 Olga Nikolaidou's (GRE) AA ball routine

 Irina Kikkas' (EST) AA hoop routine

 Cynthia Valdez's (MEX) AA ball routine

 Valeriya Kurilskaya's (BLR) AA hoop routine

 Carolina Rodriguez's (ESP) AA ball routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) AA hoop routine

 Nikolett Kiralyvari's (HUN) AA ball routine

 Olga Kapranova's (RUS) AA ball routine

 Katalin Kiss' (HUN) AA hoop routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) AA ball routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) AA hoop routine

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) AA ball routine

 Stergiani Pantazi's (GRE) AA hoop routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) AA ball routine

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) AA hoop routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) AA ball routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) AA hoop routine

 Hannah McKibbin's (GBR) AA ball routine

 Svetlana Rudalova's (BLR) AA hoop routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) AA ball routine

 Magdalena Markoska's (POL) AA hoop routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) AA ball routine

 Lola Yeros' (KAZ) AA hoop routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) AA ball routine

 Olga Nikolaidou's (GRE) AA hoop routine

 Irina Kikkas' (EST) AA ball routine

 Cynthia Valdez's (MEX) AA hoop routine

 Valeriya Kurilskaya's (BLR) AA ball routine

 Carolina Rodriguez's (ESP) AA hoop routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) AA ball routine

 Nikolett Kiralyvari's (HUN) AA hoop routine

 Ana Figueiredo's (POR) AA ribbon routine

 Filipa Fernandes' (POR) AA clubs routine

 Anastasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) AA ribbon routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) AA ribbon routine

 Raquel Muro e Silva's (POR) AA clubs routine

 Marleena Saresvirta's (FIN) AA ribbon routine

 Nashihin Durratun's (MAS) AA clubs routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) AA ribbon routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) AA ribbon routine

 Eliza Gower's (AUS) AA clubs routine

 Foong Siew Ting's (MAS) AA ribbon routine

 Eva Pavelkova's (CZE) AA ribbon routine

 Amanda Gunnesson's (SWE) AA clubs routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) AA ribbon routine

 Ana Figueiredo's (POR) AA clubs routine

 Filipa Fernandes' (POR) AA ribbon routine

 Anastasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) AA clubs routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) AA clubs routine

 Raquel Muro e Silva's (POR) AA ribbon routine

 Marleena Saresvirta's (FIN) AA clubs routine

 Nashihin Durratun's (MAS) AA ribbon routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) AA clubs routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) AA clubs routine

 Eliza Gower's (AUS) AA ribbon routine

 Foong Siew Ting's (MAS) AA clubs routine

 Eva Pavelkova's (CZE) AA clubs routine

 Amanda Gunnesson's (SWE) AA ribbon routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) AA clubs routine

 Raquel Muro e Silva's (POR) AA hoop routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) AA ball routine

 Analia Serenelli's (ARG) AA hoop routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) AA ball routine

 Eliza Gower's (AUS) AA hoop routine

 Foong Siew Ting's (MAS) AA ball routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) AA ball routine

 Eva Pavelkova's (CZE) AA ball routine

 Amanda Gunnesson's (SWE) AA hoop routine

 Ana Figueiredo's (POR) AA hoop routine

 Filipa Fernandes' (POR) AA ball routine

 Anastasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) AA hoop routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) AA hoop routine

 Raquel Muro e Silva's (POR) AA ball routine

 Marleena Saresvirta's (FIN) AA hoop routine

 Nashihin Durratun's (MAS) AA ball routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) AA hoop routine

 Analia Serenelli's (ARG) AA ball routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) AA hoop routine

 Foong Siew Ting's (MAS) AA hoop routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) AA hoop routine

 Eva Pavelkova's (CZE) AA hoop routine

 Amanda Gunnesson's (SWE) AA ball routine

 Filipa Fernandes' (POR) AA hoop routine

 Anastasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) AA ball routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) AA ball routine

 Analia Serenelli's (ARG) AA clubs routine

 Analia Serenelli's (ARG) AA ribbon routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) AA clubs routine

 Olga Kapranova's (RUS) AA ribbon routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) AA ribbon routine

 Carolina Rodriguez's (ESP) AA clubs routine

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) apparatus finals clubs routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) apparatus finals ball routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) apparatus finals hoop routine

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) apparatus finals hoop routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) apparatus finals hoop routine



 Elena Vitrichenko (UKR) during Vitry Cup 2003

 Nina and Elena Vitrichenko & son (UKR) at the competition

 Nina and Elena Vitrichenko (UKR) watching the trainings

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) clubs training

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) ball training

 Carolina Rodríguez's (ESP) ball training

 Carolina Rodríguez's (ESP) hoop training

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) hoop training

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ball training

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) warming up with ribbon

 Nikolett Kiralyvari's (HUN) ball training

 Katalin Kiss's (HUN) hoop training

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) warming up

 Esther Escolar's (ESP) playing with ribbon

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) hoop training

 Medals award ceremony of the ball final

 Elena Vitrichenko's (UKR) exhibition

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) exhibition NEW!


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