Raissa Feldmann's (GER) clubs AA routine NEW!

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) ribbon AA routine NEW!

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) clubs AA routine NEW!

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ribbon AA routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) clubs AA routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) ribbon AA routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) ribbon AA routine

 Yael Yunger's (ISR) clubs AA routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) ribbon AA routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) clubs AA routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) ribbon AA routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) clubs AA routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) clubs AA routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) ribbon AA routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) clubs AA routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) ribbon AA routine

 Natasha Godunko's (UKR) clubs AA routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ribbon AA routine

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) ribbon AA routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) clubs AA routine

 Irina Kikkas's (EST) ribbon AA routine

 Olga Kapranova's (RUS) clubs AA routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) ribbon AA routine

 Hanna Oberhofer's (AUT) clubs AA routine

 Belarus group 5 ribbons AA routine

 Brazil group 5 ribbons AA routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) AA ball routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) AA ball routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) AA hoop routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) AA ball routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ball apparatus finals routine

 Germany 5 ribbons AA routine

 AA medals award

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) clubs AA routine

 Raissa Feldmann's (GER) ribbon AA routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) clubs AA routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) ribbon AA routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) clubs AA routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) ribbon AA routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) clubs AA routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) clubs AA routine

 Yael Yunger's (ISR) ribbon AA routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) AA clubs routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) clubs AA routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ribbon AA routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) clubs AA routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) AA ribbon routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) AA ribbon routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) AA clubs routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) AA ribbon routine

 Natasha Godunko's (UKR) AA ribbon routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) AA clubs routine

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) AA clubs routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) AA hoop routine

 Natasha Godunko's (UKR) AA ball routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) AA hoop routine

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) AA hoop routine

 Svetlana Rudalova's (BLR) AA ball routine

 Yukari Murata's (JAP) hoop AA routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) AA ball routine

 Irina Kikkas's (EST) hoop AA routine

 Olga Kapranova's (RUS) ball AA routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) hoop AA routine

 Hanna Oberhofer's (AUT) ball AA routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) hoop AA routine

 Raissa Feldmann's (GER) ball AA routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) hoop AA routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) ball AA routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) hoop AA routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) ball AA routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) hoop AA routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) hoop AA routine

 Yael Yunger's (ISR) ball AA routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) hoop AA routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ball AA routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) hoop AA routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) ball AA routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) hoop AA routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) ball AA routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) hoop AA routine

 Natasha Godunko's (UKR) hoop AA routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ball AA routine

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) ball AA routine

 Svetlana Rudalova's (BLR) hoop AA routine

 Hanna Oberhofer's (AUT) hoop AA routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) ball AA routine

 Raissa Feldmann's (GER) hoop AA routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) ball AA routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) hoop AA routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ball AA routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) hoop AA routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) ball AA routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) ball AA routine

 Yael Yunger's (ISR) hoop AA routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) ball AA routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) hoop AA routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) ball AA routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) hoop AA routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Nataliya Godunko's (UKR) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) ball apparatus finals routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) ball apparatus finals routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) ball apparatus finals routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) ball apparatus finals routine

 Vera Sesina's (RUS) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Svetlana Rudalova's (BLR) ball apparatus finals routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ball apparatus finals routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) ball apparatus finals routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ribbon apparatus finals routine

 Svetlana Putintseva's (RUS) ribbon routine

 Olga Gusarchuk's (LAT) ball routine

 Katerina Kopacova's (CZE) hoop routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) qualification ribbon routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) qualification ball routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) hoop routine

 Froso Leonidou's (CYP) ribbon routine

 Dace Vende's (LAT) hoop routine

 Anatasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) ball routine

 Yukari Murata's (JAP) hoop routine

 Yaschiyo Nakamura's (JAP) ribbon routine

 Johanna Gabor's (GER) ball routine

 Olga Nikolaidou's (GRE) hoop routine

 Bree Robertson's (AUS) ball routine

 Rebecca Jose's (GBR) hoop routine

 Rea Olympiou's (CYP) ribbon routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) ribbon routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) qualification hoop routine

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) ribbon routine

 Ljubov Charkashina's (BLR) hoop routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) qualification ribbon routine

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) ball routine

 Martine Munkvold's (NOR) hoop routine

 Aida Kranikova's (KAZ) ribbon routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) ball routine

 Sanni Saresvirta's (FIN) hoop routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) qualification ribbon routine

 Svetlana Putintseva's (RUS) ball routine

 Olga Gusarchuk's (LAT) hoop routine

 Katerina Kopacova's (CZE) ribbon routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) qualification ball routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) qualification hoop routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) ribbon routine

 Froso Leonidou's (CYP) ball routine

 Dace Vende's (LAT) ribbon routine

 Anatasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) hoop routine

 Yukari Murata's (JAP) ribbon routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) ball routine

 Olga Nikolaidou's (GRE) ribbon routine

 Bree Robertson's (AUS) hoop routine

 Rebecca Jose's (GBR) ribbon routine

 Rea Olympiou's (CYP) ball routine

 Johanna Gabor's (GER) rope routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) qualification ribbon routine

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) ball routine

 Carolina Rangel's (MEX) hoop routine

 Ljubov Charkashina's (BLR) ribbon routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) qualification ball routine

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) hoop routine

 Martine Munkvold's (NOR) ribbon routine

 Aida Kranikova's (KAZ) ball routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) hoop routine

 Sanni Saresvirta's (FIN) ribbon routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) qualification ball routine

 Svetlana Putintseva's (RUS) hoop routine

 Olga Gusarchuk's (LAT) ribbon routine

 Katerina Kopacova's (CZE) ball routine

 Dominika Cervenkova's (CZE) qualification hoop routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) qualification ribbon routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) ball routine

 Froso Leonidou's (CYP) hoop routine

 Dace Vende's (LAT) ball routine

 Anatasiya Berestetskaya's (UZB) ribbon routine

 Yukari Murata's (JAP) ball routine

 Yaschiyo Nakamura's (JAP) hoop routine

 Johanna Gabor's (GER) ribbon routine

 Belarus group 3 hoops 2 balls AA routine

 Germany group 3 hoops 2 balls AA routine

 Brazil group 3 hoops 2 balls AA routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) qualification ball routine

 Jennifer Colino's (ESP) hoop routine

 Ljubov Charkashina's (BLR) ball routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) qualification hoop routine

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) ribbon routine

 Martine Munkvold's (NOR) ball routine

 Aida Kranikova's (KAZ) hoop routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) ribbon routine

 Svetlana Rudalova's (BLR) hoop AA routine

 Brazil group 3 hoops 2 balls qualification routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) failed AA ball routine - THE SILENT ROUTINE

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) clubs apparatus finals routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) hoop apparatus finals routine

 Sanni Saresvirta's (FIN) ball routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) qualification hoop routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) AA ribbon routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) hoop routine

 Bree Robertson's (AUS) ribbon routine

 Rebecca Jose's (GBR) bal routine

 Rea Olympiou's (CYP) hoop routine



 Little German gymnast's (Laura Höding ???) freehands exhibition

 One special "table travelling" from the final boat trip

 Some dancing scenes from the final boat trip 1

 Marieta Dukova (BUL) dancing during the boat trip

 Irina Viner (RUS) dancing during the boat trip

 Some scenes from the final boat trip

 Irina Viner (RUS) during the press conference

 Alina (RUS), Simona (BUL) and Anna (UKR) during the press conference 1

 Alina Kabaeva (RUS) and Simona Peycheva (BUL) during the press conference 2

 Alina Kabaeva (RUS) and Simona Peycheva (BUL) during the press conference 1

 Ukrainian team having a funny time during the final boat trip

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Last updated February, 17th 2004