Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) hoop routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ball routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) hoop routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ribbon routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) hoop routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) clubs routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ribbon routine GP Corbeil NEW!

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) ribbon routine GP Corbeil   NEW! RIBBON STICK BROKE!

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) clubs routine GP Corbeil   NEW! 

 Belarus group 5 ribbon exhibition routine GP Corbeil NEW! 

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) ball routine GP Corbeil NEW! 

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) hoop routine GP Corbeil NEW! 

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) clubs routine GP Corbeil NEW! 

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) hoop routine GP Corbeil   NEW! 


 Hannah McKibbin's (GBR) clubs routine NEW! 

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) hoop routine NEW! 

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) ribbon routine NEW! 

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) hoop routine NEW! 

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) ball routine

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) hoop routine  

 Larissa Barata's (BRA) ribbon routine  

 Eliza Gower's (AUS) clubs routine  

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) clubs routine  

 Zsofia Meszaros' (HUN) ball routine  

 Geraldine Tang Quynh's (BEL) clubs routine  

 Katerina Kopacova's (CZE) ribbon routine  

 Berfin Sutcu's (TUR) hoop routine  

 Joanna Mitrosz's (POL) ribbon routine  

 Seong-Eun Yu's (KOR) clubs routine  

 Cynthia Valdes's (MEX) ribbon routine  

 Ai Yokochi's (JAP) clubs routine  

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) hoop routine  

 Ketevan Bakuradze's (GEO) ribbon routine  

 Valentina Farkas's (CRO) clubs routine  

 Hannah Walker's (GBR) ball routine  

 Zsofia Meszaros' (HUN) hoop routine  

 Nathalie Fauquette's (FRA) ribbon routine  

 Seong-Eun Yu's (KOR) ball routine  

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) ribbon routine  

 Larissa Barata's (BRA) ball routine  

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) hoop routine  

 Joanna Mitrosz's (POL) ball routine  

 Seong-Eun Yu's (KOR) hoop routine  

 Anna Pobokova's (NED) clubs routine  

 Catherine Cortez's (VEN) clubs routine  

 Maria Aristotelous' (CYP) ball routine  

 Tatia Donadze's (GEO) ribbon routine  

 Penelope Blackmore's (AUS) hoop routine

 Inge de Backer's (BEL) clubs routine

 Dominka Cervenkova's (CZE) clubs routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) hoop routine

 Viktoria Kudrjasova's (EST) hoop routine

 Florence Meynard's (FRA) ribbon routine

 Carolina Rangel's (MEX) ball routine

 Lola Yeros' (KAZ) ribbon routine

 Julieta Cantaluppi's (ITA) ball routine

 Esther Escolar's (ESP) ball routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) ribbon routine  

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) clubs routine  

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) ball routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) hoop routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) clubs routine  

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ball routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) ribbon routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) hoop routine

 Nataliya Godunko's (UKR) ribbon routine

 Hanna Oberhofer's (AUT) hoop routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) clubs routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) ribbon routine

 Caroline Weber's (AUT) ribbon routine

 Antonella Yacobelli's (ARG) clubs routine

 Sükran Tayuran's (TUR) clubs routine

 Nataliya Godunko's (UKR) ball routine

 Hanna Oberhofer's (AUT) clubs routine

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) hoop routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) ball routine

 Larissa Barata's (BRA) clubs routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) clubs routine

 Caroline Weber's (AUT) ball routine

 Antonella Yacobelli's (ARG) hoop routine

 Sükran Tayuran's (TUR) hoop routine

 Stefany Hohnjec' (CRO) ribbon routine

 Maria Aristotelous' (CYP) clubs routine

 Hannah McKibbin's (GBR) hoop routine

 Esther Escolar's (ESP) ribbon routine

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) ribbon routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) ball routine  

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) hoop routine  

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) clubs routine  

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) ball routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) ribbon routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) clubs routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) hoop routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) clubs routine

 Liubov Charkashyna's (BLR) ball routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) ribbon routine

 Rebecca Jose's (GBR) ball routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) hoop routine

 Hannah McKibbin's (GBR) ribbon routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) ball routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) hoop routine

 Yachiyo Nakamura's (JAP) ribbon routine

 Esther Escolar's (ESP) clubs routine

 Irina Tchachina's (RUS) clubs routine

 Maria Filippova's (EST) ball routine

 Aurelie Lacour's (FRA) hoop routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ribbon routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) clubs routine  

 Klaudia Rynkowska's (POL) ball routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) hoop routine

 Laura Zacchilli's (ITA) ribbon routine

 Delphine Ledoux's (FRA) clubs routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) ball routine

 Olga Gusarchuk's (LAT) hoop routine

 Magdalena Markowska's (POL) ribbon routine

 Yukari Murata's (JAP) clubs routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) ball routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) hoop routine

 Cinthia Valdez's (MEX) ball routine

 Ai Yokochi's (JAP) hoop routine

 Hannah Walker's (GBR) ribbon routine

 Szofia Meszaros' (HUN) clubs routine

 Katevan Bakuradze's (GEO) ball routine

 Valentina Farkas' (CRO) hoop routine

 Elisa Gower's (AUS) ribbon routine

 Belinda Potgieter's (RSA) clubs routine  

 Larissa Barata's (BRA) hoop routine

 Nathalie Fauquette's (FRA) ball routine

 Liubov Charkashyna's (BLR) ribbon routine

 Maria Ringinen's (FIN) hoop routine

 Tayanne Mantovaneli's (BRA) ribbon routine

 Vivia Palviainen's (FIN) clubs routine

 Kristin Kaye's (USA) hoop routine

 Caroline Weber's (AUT) clubs routine

 Antonella Yacobelli's (ARG) ball routine

 Eugenia Ramich's (GER) hoop routine

 Irina Risenson's (ISR) ribbon routine

 Ji-ae Lee's (KOR) clubs routine

 Dominka Cervenkova's (CZE) ball routine

 Petra Dardozi's (HUN) hoop routine

 Odette Richard's (RSA) ribbon routine

 Ina Cas' (SLO) hoop routine

 Rebbeca Jose's (GBR) ribbon routine

 Mojca Rode's (SLO) clubs routine

 Inna Zhukova's (BLR) ball routine

 Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) ribbon routine

 Theodora Pallidou's (GRE) clubs routine

 Hannah McKibbin's (GBR) ball routine

 Olga Alexeyeva's (LAT) ball routine

 Geraldine Tang Quynh's (BEL) ribbon routine

 Marlene Larsen's (DEN) clubs routine

 Rea Olympiou's (CYP) ball routine

 Katerina Kopacova's (CZE) hoop routine

 Berfin Sutcu's (TUR) ball routine

 Olesia Zakon's (CAN) hoop routine

 Ketty Martel's (FRA) ball routine

 Valeria Kurilskaya's (BLR) ribbon routine

 Nataliya Godunko's (UKR) clubs routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) clubs routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ball routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) hoop routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) ribbon routine

 Group A warm up before competition on Friday

 Lola Yeros' (KAZ) clubs routine

 Stergiani Pantazi's (GRE) ball routine

 Raquel Muro e Silva's (POR) clubs routine

 Sukran Tayuran's (TUR) ball routine

 Belarus group 5 ribbon exhibition routine

 Russian group 5 ribbon exhibition routine

 Esther Escolar's (ESP) hoop routine

 Maria Filipova's (EST) ribbon routine

 Klaudia Rynkowska's (POL) ribbon routine

 Aliya Yussupova's (KAZ) hoop routine

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) ribbon routine

 Olga Gusarchuk's (LAT) clubs routine

 Laura Zachilli's (ITA) ball routine

 Delphine Ledoux's (FRA) hoop routine

 Dinara Gimatova's (AZE) clubs routine

 Katya Pisetsky's (ISR) ribbon routine

 Mary Sanders' (USA) clubs routine

 Magdalena Markowska's (POL) ball routine

 Anahi Sosa's (ARG) ball routine

 Alina Kabaeva's (RUS) hoop routine

 Laura Lima's (POR) clubs routine

 Yukari Murata's (JPN) hoop routine

 Group A warm up before competition on Saturday 4

 Group A warm up before competition on Saturday 3

 Group A warm up before competition on Saturday 2

 Group A warm up before competition on Saturday 1

 Zarina Gizikova's (RUS) ball routine

 Almudena Cid's (ESP) ball routine

 Irina Tchaschina's (RUS) hoop routine

 Anna Bessonova's (UKR) clubs routine

 Tamara Yerofeeva's (UKR) ribbon routine



 Anahi Sosa (ARG) and Laura Lima (POR) watching the competition

 More scenes from the gala dinner

 Aurelie Lacour and Delphine Ledoux's (FRA) exhibition

 Scenes from the gala dinner (the "English table" dancing)

 Scenes from the gala dinner (presented by Almudena Cid)

 Yerofeeva, Bessonova and Godunko's (UKR) exhibition

Almudena Cid's freehands exhibition

 Eugenia Ramich and Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) exhibition

 Mary Sanders (USA) and Alexandra Orlando's (CAN) exhibition

 Lisa Ingildeeva's (GER) exhibition

 Katya Pisetsky's freehands exhibition

 Medals award ceremony on Sunday 10th May

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Last updated February, 22th 2004